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Jack. without the bean stalk.
Jack is a sentient alien parading as a human being. He believes he is doing a rather good job as no one has seen through his disguise (although a few of his human friends do consider him strange at times).

His favourite writer is Neil Gaiman. He sometimes wonders if Gaiman (along with Edgar Allen Poe, Kurt Cobain and a host of others) is alien too, solely due to his marvellous cerebral capability which is rarely found in humans.

He likes to listen to music, and counts Muse, Nirvana and the White Stripes as his favourite bands.

And yes, he thinks they're all aliens as well.

Current Residence: somewhere with McDonald's and KFC... then again, what place doesn't?
deviantWEAR sizing preference: do you guys have something like... a 'circus tent' size?
Favourite genre of music: alternative in general.
Favourite photographer: definitely not the guys who took my class photo.
and so I survived year 1.

I am convinced that I royally screwed up the second semester, projects and exams and all.
This is how I'm conditioning myself to not be too shocked when I receive my results and see a 2-point-something GPA.

I'm currently in my second (third? second?) week (out of 6) of my holidays. And because holidays tend to bore people and do things to their heads when they're not going out and distracting themselves with movies and friends, I have recently found myself gripped by boredom/mild depression.
Things like how I'm not sure I really want to continue pursuing my course of study in uni next time.
I have my JC friends to thank, because they are deciding to do ADM (Arts, Design and Media) after receiving their A's results.

For once, I am full of ideas and inspiration. But of course, nothing is that easy.
Now I simply lack the mood/energy/balls to put them on paper.
Some of the projects I want to carry out:

*MUST* Get done:
Desire - Art trade for magnetic-porcupine

*Probably will do*
'Coin-Operated Boy' - This is a personal piece that I'd quite like to complete.

There's also an idea for a comic I have in my head right now. I'll elaborate more when I post up character sketches. I kinda want to chuck a lot of stuff in.
Suffice it to say right now that it's a mor(t)ality tale. Yup.

Can someone tell me how to write an antihero character? I'm enamoured with the idea (as well as the word).
Okay, maybe more the word than the idea. But I think a (seriously) flawed protagonist is an interesting concept.
  • Listening to: Muse - Resistance
  • Reading: nothing at the moment
  • Watching: youtube

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magnetic-porcupine Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2010

magnetic-porcupine Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2010
cos one day you'll get a contract with disney and they'll post them online and you'll get fired D:
COMMUNIONWITHNIMROD Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2010
Thank you so much for the favourite and comment~
tree-bythewater Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2010
you're very welcome!
magnetic-porcupine Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010
sorry this comment will probably ruin your page but i just ate jelly and i am high so
i shall state 2 obvious facts!

1) I am dead.

upload! upload!
tree-bythewater Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010
*just died* hahah.
there's nothing on my page worth ruining anyway!

uhm, you might want to check your jelly for banned substances, hahah! :D

you're not dead! at least you post up pieces.

download! download! :p
magnetic-porcupine Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010
D: if your page remains stagnant for too long aedes mosquitoes will come and breed in it

lol it's japanese jellies! I bet thats how the japanese appear so high all the time ._O IT'S ALL IN THEIR FOOD.
tree-bythewater Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2010
they already did. it's always the same few mosquitoes, i even call them by name now.

ah, that explains the crazy gameshows and crazier inventions. that must be it.
now we know what drives their workforce. :p

ehh cos you said upload what.
newton's 3rd law of motion applies to the internet too. :D
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ella-marie Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2010
thanks for the llama! :)
tree-bythewater Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010
you're welcome!
and thanks so much :) you didn't have to give me one, i've done nothing to deserve one.
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